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GAY AF Clothing & Apparel was created by a single mother of an LGBTQ teenager to help her send her gifted teen to college. Her mission was to create a unisex, gender fluid clothing line of style, comfort, and pride for those who identify as LGBTQ or for those who just want to be supportive to our community. 

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Our Story

Many LGBTQ teenagers are very gifted. Whether their gifts be literature, art, creative design, fashion, entertainment, public speaking and a plethora of others these teens deserve the equal right to attend higher education after high school. However not all of these teens come from the socio economic background to be able to financially afford to attend the universities and colleges in which they dream and or deserve to attend. Here at GAY AF Clothing and Apparel we want to ensure that every LGBTQ teen gets the opportunity to pursue their goals at the university level. Money should not be the reason a young gifted LGBTQ teen does not go after their ambitions. So we've committed to donating a percentage of every purchase towards an LGBTQ teen's college tuition. Because without our community in the professional workforce the world would be less bright, joyous and beautiful.  


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