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Love is Love

Love is love. The inspiration behind GAY AF Clothing & Apparel. My daughter Serenity.

Serenity identifies as gay.

Around 6th and 7th grade our family had an inclination Serenity may be gay. Either that or going through a "tomboy" phase we thought. However I did find it odd when Serenity suddenly choose to no longer be friends with her best friend who was a male because he liked her romantically. How odd I thought, when I was her age I would've loved having a boyfriend my age. Then again I was a teen mom and became pregnant with Serenity when I was 15! Yikes.

Serenity isn't like me she's better than me I thought and just being a responsible young woman. I definitely did not want her following in my footsteps and was doing everything I could to make sure that didn't happen so I supported her decision to cut ties with her now ex best-friend. Still the family and I had our doubts and several private conversations amongst one another regarding her sexuality. Either way we all decided to support her no matter what her romantic preference and what she identified as. Eventually Serenity did come out as gay in middle school 8th grade if I recall correctly and at this point none of us were surprised. She hated shaving her legs, turned down every offer to go get our eyebrows waxed together or nails done (we once did go get our eyebrows threaded and after one brow she wanted to leave the other as is however with some gentle coxing from the women at the threading shop we were able to get her to reluctantly finish the second brow, phew) she didn't feel comfortable wearing dresses, preferred capri shorts and anime tees, loved literature (Edgar Allen Poe & Lin Manuel Miranda) drawing and reading over going to the mall. In fact she hated shopping and preferred to dress for comfort and wear the same clothes over & over. Her friend group was the same way and several already identified as gay, trans or non-binary. Serenity would also drop hints like gifting her nana a rainbow bracelet in 6th grade. So when Serenity did come out to us her family in 8th grade we already knew and were very supportive of her choice. Tbh I was kinda relieved because it meant she would never be a teen mother which was one of my biggest fears. I was so proud Serenity had the courage and honesty to be herself and to be comfortable in her identity. I love and admire her for it. And who she chooses to love isn't going to change that because LOVE IS LOVE.

Serenity has always been at the top of her class in every grade. Bright and gifted. An avid reader and writer

GAY AF Clothing & Apparel was created to send not only Serenity to college but her LGBTQ peers as well.

Every purchase contributes to this goal. So here at GAY AF Clothing & Apparel we would like to thank you for your support. These clothes are inspired by Serenity and those like her who value style, comfort & pride. Enjoy!

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